The Last Climb

An action-adventure climbing virtual reality (VR) experience on the Oculus Rift and Playstation Move.

A giant yellow asteroid is on a collision course for Earth, and the protagonist is the reluctant heroine who must traverse a hostile terrain to plant a thermonuclear device in the asteroid’s structural weakness. The guest must use two Playstation Move controllers as climbing picks to pull herself up and around the side of the asteroid, while dodging stray rocks and surface explosions.

Conceived and produced in two weeks, this experience went through several iterations, initially beginning as a mountain climbing experience. After feedback remarked that mountain climbing was a placid experience for onlooking audiences, the team decided to go all in with an exploding asteroid and loud, epic music.

Producer, Sound Design, Misc Art – David Shiyang Liu
Programming – Jimit Bhalani
Technical Art – Chunxue Luo
2D Art, Cinematics – Shirley Park
3D Art – Roma Dave

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