The Cellist

A narrative Virtual Reality (VR) experience on the Oculus Rift & PS Move.

The protagonist is a cellist who has lost her hand in a tragic accident. She battles a constant impetus to escape via potent, addictive painkillers; and slowly loses herself to drug addiction and dependency.

This experience is an experiment at simulating a ‘phantom limb’ in a narrative setting, repeatedly giving and removing the sense of a functional right hand. Between flashes of a fantasy where the guest is ably performing a cello concerto in front of an audience and the stark reality of her present predicament, the guest is able to freely explore her environment via the Oculus Rift and interact with objects which offer narrative progression.

David produced, led design and narrative discussions, as well as designed the soundscape for this experience.

Producer, Sound Design, Misc. Textures – David Shiyang Liu
Programming – Christian Karrs, Michael Lee
Room 3D Art, Textures – Menghua ‘Julia’ Wu
Character Design, Concert Hall 3D, Lighting – Jiahao ‘Simon’ Xia

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