Not Everything is Flammable (GGJ Prototype)

An action-puzzler-physics-platformer created in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2014.

Fire! Pyrotechnics! Pixel-art! Grumpy cat! All these and more in what is frankly a sleep-deprived experiment in building interest curves and positive feedback. Internet interest has been somewhat encouraging, and there’s the possibility that we will expand this game into something larger; but in the meantime give it a whirl here and tell us what you think.

DAM is David Shiyang Liu, Alex Hu, and Mac Lotze.
Programming by Alex Hu.  Additional Programming by David Shiyang Liu.
Art by David Shiyang Liu.
Music/Sound by Mac Lotze
Design by DAM
Co-Produced by Mac Lotze and David Shiyang Liu

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