Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison

A versus game between two players played over a custom-made electric-socket panel and powered by the Makey Makey.

It is the height of the Current Wars, and guests assume the roles of Nikola Tesla & Thomas Edison as they play a lethal game of russian roulette meets minesweeper. Each guest takes turn to stick their fingers into an electric socket, with their wits being their only bastion between bragging rights and the painful experience of a high-voltage electric current coursing through their veins.

The game was conceived, built and produced in 7 days. And no, it doesn’t actually shock you, but wouldn’t it be funnier if it did?

Sound Design, 2D Art & Cinematics – David Shiyang Liu
Programming – Glenn Dai, Kuang-Hsin Liu
Producer, 2D Art & UI – Casey Ging
Co-Producer, 3D Art – Celicia Peng

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