Just Throw

A puzzle adventure game designed for the Kinect.

The guest throws paper balls at floating brick pieces to form platforms for a baby dinosaur to cross and collect lollipops. The puzzles get progressively more difficult with interlocking brick pieces and multiple solutions. The player can never fail, and wrong moves only result in a time delay which encourages them to keep trying.

This game was built as an experiment in gradual instruction of game mechanics via experimentation and positive reinforcement. No explicit instruction is ever given except in the form of the title of the game: ‘Just Throw!”, wherein a throwing motion promptly begins the game.

Sound Design, Cutscenes – David Shiyang Liu
Production Management – David Shiyang Liu, Ingrid Ecker
Programming – Adarshkumar Pavani, Vivek Kotecha
2D Art – Judy Zhu
3D Art – Ingrid Ecker


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