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David is an experience designer and filmmaker whose specialty is in merging disciplines to create novel and thoughtful experiences.

His background in commercial filmmaking has prompted an interest in crafting artifacts which make people experience a gamut of emotions. This can mean anything from designing a video game with novel mechanics and interactions, to designing location-based attractions that immerse and inspire.

Keenly excited by storytelling, he is most drawn to tales of imaginary and observed human and societal disconnection. His short film anthology ‘5Films in an Anthology of a Film a Month’ – a quiet, tender, and often absurd reflection of human life based on the 5 senses – won ‘Best Cinematography’ at the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival, and ‘Best Editing’ at the inaugural Singapore Short Film Awards 2010.

In 2011, He also made a kinetic typography thing on Ira Glass that sort of went viral.

He went on to join the creative collective Studio Now & Then and helped design the ambient storytelling experience ‘Songbird’ for the Singapore Arts Festival 2012. The show stretched mediums, combining short films, music, installation art, and a dynamic iOS app to tell the story of a missing singer. The show was overwhelmingly received, and was featured twice in the local press.

David is now completing his studies at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, where he’s learning experience design, game design, and production management across video games and location based entertainment.

He is represented professionally for directing music videos in Australia by KICK KICK PUNCH, to which he often complains to his producer about having to awkwardly write about himself in the third person.

Questions? He’d love to hear from you! Send him emails at davidshiyang [at] gmail.com


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