About David



David is a game designer who likes wearing many hats*.

His background in commercial film directing stems from an interest in making people feel things. His portfolio includes music videos, television commercials, documentaries, and short films for clients such as Ford, SAP, and the BBC World Service.

Now he’s preoccupied in exploring the role of play in sculpting novel experiences and connecting people. This can mean anything from designing a video game, a physical game, or a location-based experience. It doesn’t really matter to him – systems are rarely independent, and play is universal.

In 2011, He also made a kinetic typography thing on Ira Glass that became soberingly viral.

David completed his Masters degree at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center, where he studied with game design luminaries Jesse Schell and Heather Kelly.

He is now at Viacom’s new innovation lab where he and a team of fellow crazies push and prod at the envelope of what media can be.

Questions? He’d love to hear from you. Send him emails at davidshiyang [at] gmail.com



* David’s prior occupations include being a graphic designer, a photographer, a motion graphics designer, a motion picture colorist, a visual effects compositor, an editor, a cinematographer, a painter, a forklift driver, a transcriber, a bad poet, a drummer for an all-girl band, and writing copy for the Ministry of Defence.

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